The Fountain

from by The Whiskey Predicament

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(Capo on fret 1)

Well it's a halcyon affair
outside the lake with sunny air
And all the children laughing by the fountain
That rumble echoes through the street
when the streams they hit concrete
And the white noise let's you know that it's alright here
And you're a child with wide eyes, of course
You've taken all the sights inside
The universe a small town's simple beauty
And as the fountain splashes bliss,
it's all the constellations cadences
To know more yes would simply be a fool's dream
And as you sleep, that night
You know you're home... And hear the fountain in the night
And as your tale unfolds... At first it's scared...
And then it's booooold!!

You found a love across the sea and
thought that Gold had finally decreed
He'd take you on his side and that he liked you
And in the fuzzy warmth of fun
You felt protected by the son and yes-
The one who gave it all, did it excite you?
And you can see your silhouettes
That all the memories forget
Now that it's over and the dust has settled dirty
And as the fountain runs next door
Your gaze is cast against the floor, alone
The barren bar it knows that you are thirsty.
And you will know... It flows on
The story breaks... And then it hits you like a song
The change is now... And concrete
At first it's hard... And then it's sweeeeet!!

You sought adventures for a man
And thought you'd try to take a stand,
and print the truth to set the people's mood ablazing
And in a country far away you felt the providence,
They slaved away- the horror and excitement was amazing
And you can hear the bullets fly
As they shoot across the sky
And in the orange light of dawn you scribble madly
And through the bloody crashing wave
You saw the offerings they gave that day
The truth you tried to breathe it in so badly
And you will feel... For so long
The faces lost... And yet the fountain splashes on
And as you sip... The barroom gin...
A story ends... And one begins!!


from Cold and Free, released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


The Whiskey Predicament Charlotte, North Carolina

The Whiskey Predicament is Nate recording original tunes on lo-fi equipment. Nate enjoys comics, surfing, pipes, presidents, hamburgers and whiskey. You can contact him at


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